The Art Nouveau by Alphonse Mucha on show in Bologna

Alphonse Mucha is celebrated at Palazzo Pallavicini in Bologna, in a major retrospective on the work of one of the greatest artists of Art Nouveau.

27 unpublished works in Italy, for a total of 80 works, follow one another in an exhibition that investigates the theoretical aspects of its path, especially centered on the idea of beauty, focal point of Mucha’s art. This retelling of the great artist, in fact, explores his ideas on art and aesthetics at the origin of his work, a point of view unknown, despite the powerful impact of his style.

Mucha in fact, as is known, created his own well-defined style –Le Style Mucha – characterized by harmonious compositions, sinuous shapes, references to nature and calm colors, which became synonymous with the emerging decorative style of the period, the Art Nouveau.

The exhibition consists of three thematic sections: Women – Icons and Muse, Le Style Mucha – A Visual Language, Beauty – The Power of Inspiration.

The exhibition is curated by Tomoko Sato and is promoted by Pallavicini s.r.l. and Mucha Foundation.

Palazzo Pallavicini, Bologna, from 29 September 2018 – 20 January 2019. For information:



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