Birkenstock focuses on natural cosmetics by Natural Skin Care

Birkenstock arrives to natural cosmetics with the Birkenstock Natural Skin Care line, which uses natural active ingredients, not tested on animals and certified without controversial chemicals through the strict international BDIH Cosmos Natural standard.

The line aims to provide the user with the same comfort guaranteed by the legendary Birkenstock products, worldwide synonymous of unparalleled footbed, through the resources provided by nature, mainly natural cork. This material has been used by the company since its foundation 240 years ago, but it is object of continuous research by the brand, which has inaugurated a department of natural cosmetics in Germany where the cosmetics line is produced, with the aim of developing it with the help of industry experts. The extract obtained from the bark of the cork oak is the main component of the natural skin care line. The active substance of which cork is rich is suberine, in addition to gas mixtures similar to air, lignin, polysaccharides, glycerine, tannins, water and various waxes. The Birkenstock cosmetic line has skin efficacy and tolerability certified by independent bodies.

In line with the philosophy of the company -active in everything related to the conservation of natural resources, the limit to waste, respect for the natural heritage and animals- cork is a renewable raw material so it does not provide for the slaughter of the oaks from which it is obtained, but the tree does not report any damage after the delicate decortication. Birkenstock also ensures that the cork forests used for its Natural Skin Care line are managed ecologically.

Birkenstock’s Natural Skin Care is sold in specialized stores and the refill version is available, in keeping with the company’s attention to recycling and health.


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