Gaggenau hosts Ivan Barlafante for On Reflection exhibitions cycle

Tremendo – Il Bello è Solo l’Inizio is the title of the third exhibition of the On Reflection cycle, with works by Ivan Barlafante hosted by Gaggenau DesignElementi of Milan, curated by Sabino Maria Frassà.

The dialogue between matter, light and sound that distinguishes the artistic path of Barlafante finds a perfect synthesis in the 10 unpublished stone and steel sculptures on display. Stone meets steel and forms creations that, according to the artist, intend to find the absolute, God, the transcendent, in a research that the artist has been carrying out for several years. Ivan Barlafante thus decided to split round boulders into his works, bringing and projecting the spectator into the material. But his art is not so much or only the gesture of destroying, as “art” is recomposing matter.These split boulders are, in fact, recomposed by the artist who covers the broken walls with reflecting steel surfaces.The works then reveal the reality, reflect it and recompose it according to the contemplative style of Barlafante, and pay homage to the Elegies Duinesi by R.M. Rilke which, as the title suggests, inspired this exhibition.

The non-profit association CRAMUM is also supporting the exhibition.
The exhibition is open from 4th October to 12th November in Milan at Gaggenau DesignElementi, Corso Magenta 2,


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