Generation Paisley: the first 50 years of Etro

Etro has founded the poetics of his creations on roots, on culture, making the anthropological research that underlies a marked sensitivity towards introspection and sedimented ideas: all this becomes the fabric and the strong identity of his own style of fashion. In this perspective, and to illustrate how all this becames everyday experience, Generation Paisley is born, than means 50 years of signs and experiences, where the curiosity and rework of feelings takes shape in the clothes and accessories that make Etro immediately recognizable and of which this Milanese exhibition externals its poetics. Place, time, roots and culture are the key words around which the exhibition and immersive route takes place. MUDEC, Museo Delle Culture in Milan, is the ideal venue for such an important exhibition. Fronds of a huge tree welcome the visitor, while a sort of seamless spine crosses 5 rooms, ideally ignoring boundaries, building with 50 garments an analogical and stylistic path formed by the clothes of the different collections. The whole operation is an totalizing experience in which, among walls covered with fabrics, paintings, refractions in a game of mirrors that multiply and amplify, digital and three-dimensional effects, the visitor is immersed in an alienating and familiar atmosphere together.

Up to 14th October:


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