Giorgio Armani hosts Sarah Moon in her first Italian solo show

“The images of Sarah Moon dialogue wonderfully with the raw solidity of the space” (Giorgio Armani)

Armani / Silos hosts From One Season to Another, the first important solo exhibition of Sarah Moon in Italy, with over one hundred and seventy photographic works on show, in small and large size, in color and in black and white.

A personal and poetic flow, curated by the author herself, accompanies the visitor along the large rooms on the ground floor of Armani / Silos in Milan, in a chromatic and thematic succession, rather than chronological. Also on display there are some worldwide unpublished, dating back to the 1990s, inspired by dance and by Oskar Schlemmer. The images of the works on show are from the years ’70 to 2018, they are evanescent and timeless, many deliberately out of focus, with accents of color and monochromatic shadows that invade the works and seem to want to get out, in a poetic, or melancholic, rather than joyous motion. Flowers, elegant women about to fade or concentrated in a hidden gesture, alternate with black and white landscapes or characters that seem to come out of the memory and from their historical context to remain impressed in the photographs and the visitor, in an ideal continuum between abstract fashion images and unknown images. “I thank Giorgio Armani for his invitation and the freedom he gave me in this exhibition. We both enjoy the challenge of doing more, with less, and of working with or without color” (Sarah Moon).

It is possible to visit the exhibition until 6th January 2019. For information:

Photo credits: courtesy Giorgio Armani.


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