Even if the general project has been meticulously designed, what counts (…) is the centrifugal force that emanates from it, the plurality of languages as a guarantee of a non-partial truth. (Italo Calvino, Multiplicity)

Every artistic and cultural project presupposes coherence, and therefore completeness, between instruments, objectives, planned actions and recipients of the project. Each project involves activities that involve the client in a global way from the conception of cultural initiatives to their dissemination. The values, emotions and information transmitted through the event give the protagonists the correct recognition over time.

Artists curated | Creative Direction for solo exhibition: Damien Hirst, Mimmo Rotella, Armando Marrocco, Massimo Giannoni, Angela Florio, Francesco Vitali, Mario Corrieri, Giulia Maglionico, Gioia Corazza, Manuinvisible, Mariano Franzetti, Frode.

Artists curated | Creative Direction for collettive: Cracking Art Group, Umberto Dattola, Paolo De Cuarto, Marco Dessì, Stefano Dorazio, Lucio Fontana, Piero Gilardi, Raffaele Iannello, Marco Lodola, Fabio Novembre, Damiano Spelta, Victor Vasarely, Frode, Farhan Siki.

Collaboration: Fondazione Marco Vigorelli, Gruppo Galgano, Il Sole 24 Ore, Corriere della Sera, DDN Design Group, Salone Dal Dire Al Fare, Associazione Naeli, Milan Municipality, University IULM-Television Production Laboratory for Contemporary Art, TV Cool Tour Arte-RAI5, Museo dei Bambini de L’Aquila – MuBAQ, Expoincittà, Brera Expo Wine Tour, Live In Mag, Comunità Kayròs di Don Claudio Burgio, DJ school: Re.Creative, Consulate of the Republic of Argentina, Argentina Pavilion Direction at Milan EXPO, ArtGallery Milan, Cartaematita Milano, gallery Spaziobianco Turin.


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