Nendo : forms of movement / for Milan Design Week

Nendo at the Milan Design Week as every year amazes for poetry, research, elegance, technology and content. At the center of Nendo’s installations for the exhibition during the Milan Salone del Mobile is the movement with all its forms and forms.

Movement is an inseparable part of our being, we move our bodies, we move objects and other objects move independently around us; even completely motionless ones can convey a feeling of movement. Objects can physically move in reaction to our movement or, conversely, they can encourage us to move. For example, a chair does not move but can invite people to sit down; starting from this concept, one wonders if the designer designs “the chair” or the “movement to sit”.

Objects react to man and man reacts to objects. This exhibition focuses on this report by presenting 10 projects that deal with the theme of “movement design”: a collection of containers with different lids that open and close according to how they are touched; hinges that explore new functions by reviewing the linear movement of the closure; a shutter that opens and closes automatically based on the movement of people and light; a collection of hourglasses that draw time by controlling the movement of the sand inside.

These objects, together with others on show, represent movement in its form and function also through the use of advanced technologies, cutting-edge mechanisms and unconventional materials.

Nendo at Milan Design Week 2018 exhibited a showcase of 10 different collaborations with Japanese companies that use unique materials and advanced techniques.


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