Master perfumer Paolo Vrajes celebrates 35 years of the Dr. Vrajes maison

An indissoluble link between Florence and the iris, a flower that has accompanied the history of the city in the most important events, identifying itself with this flower with an unmistakable scent and recognizing it as a symbol of its identity. The same combination took place 35 years ago between Dr.Vrajes and Florence, when the company took over the identifying characteristics of the marvelous city through the activity of the old laboratory-pharmacy of Dr. Vrajes. The ancient pharmacy then created the fragrance dedicated to the lily of Florence and celebrates its 35th birthday today.

The story of this flower and of the identification with the Tuscan city is fascinating. Called iris or “giaggiolo”, it grows spontaneously on the hills around Florence and it is a symbol of the city from the eleventh century, but already in Roman times it was said the link between Florentia and the flower. During the Ludi Florales or Floralia, the Roman celebrations of the goddess Flora, the arrival of spring was celebrated, the season that, between the end of April and May, dressed the town with enchantment and iris with abundant ornaments.

Today, the master perfumer Paolo Vranjes, to celebrate the same marriage between Dr.Vrajes and Florence, has made perfect the historical fragrance that is perceived transparent, impalpable, delicate but persistent, talcate and with elegant notes of cleanliness.

The design of the iconic bottle embodies the inspiration of Brunelleschi’s dome, with an octagonal base, which will soon be declined in other interior design objects: candles and lamps with purifying properties of the air. The fragrance is designed for “the spaces and places where we can finally let our thoughts and emotions flow freely: bedroom, living room, study, library and also the entrance” (Paolo Vrajes).





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