The new Sculpural Lamps by Nada Debs

Sculptured lamps carved by hand in wood, the new Sculptural Lamps by Nada Debs, celebrate Eastern craftsmanship through contemporary design. Global and local together, the philosophy of Nada Debs emphasizes hand crafts as a gesture that comes from the heart and that is projected into contemporary design through a strongly current vision. According to Nada Debs, tradition should not be seen as something nostalgic and immutable, but must be translated into an energetic and lively product that reflects contemporary living and its needs.The sculpted organic lamps come to life starting from the painted maple wood that, manually modeled, is transformed through a geometric and light decoration that recalls the shape of the diamonds; the light filters through the Arabesque lampshade in brass and tells a story of tradition, culture and love for the material, for craftsmanship and for contemporary design.


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