The docu-film directed by Francesco Vitali about Villa Litta in Lainate publicly presented

The premiere of the new documentary film by Francesco Vitali VILLA VISCONTI BORROMEO LITTA, four centuries of history, a journey through time between art delights and water games was held in the villa’s music hall, in the presence of the representatives of the institutions and some of the most important museums in the world, where some of the works created for the villa of Lainate have been preserved over the centuries.

In the documentary film Francesco Vitali, scenographer, director, artist and light designer acclaimed all over the world, he gave life to an imposing historical reconstruction totally unpublished, of which he himself was principal author engaging for four years, flanked by the precious collaboration by Claudia Botta, known costume designer, director, author and artist, by Alessandro Morandotti, art historian and narrator in the docu-film, by the Friends of Villa Litta, as well as by the curators of some of the most important museums of the world: Louvre in Paris, National Gallery of Art in Washington, Hermitage in Saint Petersburg.

Pirro I Visconti Borromeo, Count of Brebbia, patron and man of culture in the Spanish Milan at the end of the 16th century, died in January 1604. The documentary film begins with the reconstruction of his death in Lainate. Subsequently, its spirit will accompany the viewer over four centuries of history, through his voiceover.

Protagonist is the ancient Villa of Lainate, designed and built by Count Pirro between 1585 and 1589, which is represented by a female voice off-camera and which guides the public through the transformations that occurred over time, in a historical social context of a Milan full of events. The images showing the water games of the Villa and the extraordinary sculptures and caves in the garden, brought back to their former glory, are very impressive.

The docu-film will be broadcast on next fall by Sky Arte HD and is now available on DVD.

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