Wide Horizons VI edition at Abilmente Vicenza

Wide Horizons VI exhibits the works on fabric of international quilt artists in Abilmente Vicenza. Studio Art Quilts Associates (SAQA), a non-profit international organization, this year it also supports the two-year artistic event that promotes quilting textile art and proposes works by European and Middle Eastern artists who mainly use the fabric to create innovative patchwork by a contemporary style. The works form an interesting exhibition path and each creation draws inspiration from the different contexts in which the artists operate, both environmental and cultural, with unexpected chromatic notes if we consider the quilt technique, which in itself requires mastery and deep knowledge of versatility concerning the materials used. SAQA since 1989 offers non-profit educational, professional and cultural courses and has 3400 supporting members around the world, including artists, curators, collectors, gallery owners and teachers.

In the image a work by the British artist Claire Passmore entitled Mind your Language. (Photo credit courtesy Abilmente Vicenza)

Information: https://www.abilmente.org/it/  e https://www.saqa.com/index.php


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